EPIC H.A.C.K.S. Pirate Skeleton 1/12 Scale Figure

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From the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. universe, comes the EPIC series - a realm where life is larger and filled with unknown creatures. The first timewarp opened, the Boneyard, is home to some truly terrifying creatures - the Epic skeletons! The ancient creatures, long since evolved past the need for flesh, skin or muscle, present as ten foot tall skeletons, living organisms made of bone who appear to possess conscious thought and very human motivations.

Emerging from the murky depths, the Pirates prefer to rob, steal, and cause mayhem rather than going toe-to-toe in battle and rumors persist of a group of these pirates who tormented sea-goers throughout the area surrounding Jamaica and indeed may have even taken over Port Royal and held it as their own for a period of time.

Whether or not the Pirates have true mystical abilities is unknown, though their bones are typically green almost to the point of luminescence. Some think they may have adapted to the deep water paths they travel, their bones gaining a strange glow to compensate for the darkness of their underwater residence.  Whatever the reason, once they emerge from the depths, they instill fear in all they come across, not just because of their size, but because of the distinct color of their bodies. Whether the bones themselves are that colored or a strange, luminescent hue surrounds them is unknown-- nobody has ever gotten close enough to figure that out.

Unlike the Barbarians and the Gladiators, the Pirates prefer not to fight, they'd rather abscond with treasure and find a nice, relaxing place to kick back.  Unfortunately, their size, their look, and the radiant glow of their green bones usually means they cannot stay unseen for long.