Pre-Order - Biblical Adventures 1/12 Scale Tabernacle Set (Figure NOT Included)

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Dec 2023

The Tabernacle, also known as the Tent of Congregation, was comprised of six important furnishings: the Ark of the Covenant, a golden six-branch seven-lamp menorah, table of showbread, altar of incense, a bronze laver, and altar of burnt offerings. The Tabernacle as a whole was portable, used by the Israelites from the Exodus until the conquest of Canaan. 

*High Priest figure sold separately.

Product Features

  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Highly detailed

Box Contents

  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Bronze Laver
  • Altar of Showbread
  • Altar of Incense
  • Menorah
  • Altar of Burnt Offerings